Prenatal Yoga

Casa Yoga, the best Prenatal Yoga in Milan!

10-class course: €230 

Classes are in Italian however, the teacher can give you some support in English.
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The focus of our prenatal Yoga classes changes with respect to a normal Yoga class: the focus shifts to the preparation of the body and mind at childbirth and on the connection with one’s child. We learn to use our breath to release the tensions, physical and mental, we strengthen the muscles of the limbs and back to support good posture, in this phase of physical change, we learn to maintain a positive attitude to free the mind from the stress of pregnancy.

Our Yoga classes are active, demanding, safe and support so that the mother and the child can benefit from postures without tension. We are confident that your experience with pregnancy, childbirth, birth and postpartum recovery will improve significantly thanks to the prenatal Yoga classes. In addition, you have the possibility to create connections with other mothers who are at different stages of their pregnancy and who may already be parents. It is a wonderful journey!

All pregnant women are free to attend our Yoga classes during pregnancy, whether they have had a regular Yoga practice in the past or want to start practicing yoga now. It is very important that the teacher is informed of any complication (past or current) and the type of treatment that is being received. During pregnancy the ligaments that support the joints become soft and loose, therefore, more attention is given to avoid hyper-stretching. The abdomen remains soft and relaxed always, never contracted or in tension, to allow space for the growing child, for the placenta and the ‘repositioning’ of the internal organs. A healthy practice of yoga brings energy to the body and the inner state.