New to yoga

Welcome to Casa Yoga!
Yoga is not just flexibility; it’s suitable for every type of body and helps increase your awareness on the mat, so you can bring it off the mat into your everyday life. Yoga works in connection with the body, both to strengthen and loosen muscles, it teaches you how to breathe more deeply, to relax your mind and rest well.

New to Casa Yoga?
If you already practice yoga: we suggest that you follow several classes and teachers to get to know our offer and find the classes best suited to your needs and experience level.
If you are a beginner: we recommend you to attend the Yoga Basics 6-week course to learn the breathing, postures, and sequences before you join the weekly classes. Beginners can also practice: hatha flow, yin, restorative, gentle flow.
To new students, we offer 1 intro class at 10€. Book your trial class. Come practice with us!

New to yoga?
If you are new to yoga, we recommend you to attend the Yoga Fundamentals 8-week course or the 2-hour 101 Yoga Workshop. After these courses, you can attend our weekly classes with more awareness.
Yoga basics 6-week course for those new to yoga or for anyone who wants to review the basics of yoga practice. At Casa Yoga we devote much care to teaching the foundations of Hatha Yoga before introducing the student to sequences or mixed level classes. We focus on the fundamental principles of breathing, alignment, on muscle strengthening and basic asanas. The course is structured with a progression of learning it is recommended to attend all 8 classes. After the course, you may attend all weekly classes. BOOK NOW
Yoga 101 workshop is perfect for those new to yoga practice, as well as for more experienced students who want to review the basics. Topics include basic asanas, alignment, breathing techniques. It includes a free week of yoga and some tips to help you get started!

New student offer
1 intro class 10€
Yoga basics 6-week course + 2 free trial classes* 150€ + 5€ annual membership
Yoga 101 workshop 2 hours + 2 free trial classes* 40€ + 5€ annual membership
Ok for beginners classes hatha base, hatha flow, gentle hatha, yin yoga, restorative yoga
*2 free trial classes to be attended the week after the Yoga Basics Course or Yoga 101 workshop.

Memberships and rates

Guidelines for students

  • Choose a class fit for your level, BOOK at least 6 hours in advance (cancellation 6 hrs from your account).
  • Pay at the studio cash only. Rates
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. PLEASE DO NOT RING us, nor “custode”, once the class has started. If you arrive early, please wait outside the green gate. 
  • Practice on an empty stomach. Do not eat 2-3 hours before yoga practice. Juice or fruit are ok. Drink water before class, but avoid drinking during class.
  • Do not use perfumes, scented deodorants or tissues, they may annoy your neighbors. Wear comfortable and clean clothes.
  • Notify the teacher of injuries or medical conditions.
  • Please refrain from coming to class if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, i.e. a runny nose, cough, or fever.
  • Purchase a yoga mat. Having your own mat supports your commitment to the practice and ensures greater hygiene. Otherwise, you can rent it at the studio for 1€. Mats get cleaned after each use.
  • Remove your shoes as you walk into the studio and leave them in the shoe rack to your left before entering the changing room.
  • Turn off your cell-phone. This enhances your experience and is a kind gesture towards other students.
  • If you are a beginner attend the classes suitable for your level. Let the teacher know that you are new to yoga. We suggest that you attend the Yoga Fundamentals 8-week course and/or Yoga 101 Workshop before you join the weekly classes.
  • Practice often: 3-4 times a week for maximum benefit. 2-3 times a week will show an improvement for most of the students within three months.
  • Support your practice trying a private yoga class. To spend an hour with an experienced teacher helps you answer the questions and needs that have no place in a group class.
  • Every now and then balance your yoga practice by following up with a Shiatsu treatment.

Thank you! Namaste.