Kids & teens yoga

Yoga kids through yoga the child discovers his/her body, developing attention, awareness, self-esteem. The child learns to breathe, improving coordination and flexibility. Yoga is presented to children through play and attention to basic principles. While the moms are practicing Vinyasa Yoga in the yellow room, kids age 6/10 practice Gioco Yoga in the green room.
Every Monday 16:50-17:50, 10-class pass 130€ SIGN UP


Yoga for teens in addition to the physical benefits, yoga teaches the youth the skills to meet everyday’s challenges – insecurity about their changing body, stressful schedules, the enormous pressure to fit in socially, and uncertainty about their own values and the future. This dynamic class stretches and strengthens the muscles and helps to relax the nervous system, promoting a better concentration and inner balance. It helps the students to cultivate acceptance and self-esteem and tempers hyperactivity and anxiety.
Every Thursday 15:45-16:30, 10-class pass 130€ SIGN UP