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I have never done yoga before, how do I get started?
Casa Yoga offers several opportunities for beginners. On our calendar look for CLASSES suitable for your level, you may ask us at the studio.  Before attending the weekly classes, we suggest to attend the 6-WEEK BEGINNER YOGA COURSE to approach the practice in small groups with a slow and gradual pace, with attention given to breathing and the alignment of basic asanas. We also offer regularly a 2-hour YOGA 101 WORKSHOP. This workshop offers new students some fundamentals of yoga and helps them understand the different styles of yoga available at our studio. To know the schedule of the upcoming Courses or Workshops click here. If you book any of these two events you will receive 2 free trail classes to be attended the week after the end of the course/workshop.

Is it safe to do yoga if I have an injury or medical condition?
In most cases, Yoga is an excellent way to help the body in its healing process. However, consult your doctor before starting the practice and inform the teacher about your condition.

What style of yoga is right for me?
There are different styles of yoga. Some styles are fast-paced and vigorous, while others are more gentle and slow. All styles of yoga have benefits on the body-mind, but it ‘s good to evaluate your needs and your personality to choose the most suitable practice. Read a description of the styles offered at Casa Yoga.

I just found out I am pregnant, should I do yoga?
Yoga is a great way to support your own body and the body of your child. There are some precautions, however, it is good then to talk to your doctor and let the teacher know that you are pregnant, especially if you’re in the first trimester. Casa Yoga offers pre-postnatal yoga classes by appointment that meet the specific needs of women. For more information contact us.

What do I need to do to prepare for a class?
Wear comfortable clothing preferably in cotton and be in bare feet
Do not wear perfumes, scented deodorants or tissues.
If you sweat a lot bring a towel.
You can rent the mat at Casa Yoga at 1€, or we encourage you to buy your own. The mat is an important tool and a symbol of commitment to your own practice.

Be consistent in your practice and patient with yourself.